Roof Cleaning Best Practices

Keeping your roof clean is a habit you must adhere to, as often as possible. The reason behind this is, when you keep the roof clean, you ensure no water seeps through and no unnecessary debris in the form of moss, algae, fungus, and bacteria manages to find a place on your roof. Not only do they damage your roof, but leads to excess expenditure in the long run.

Thus, keeping these thoughts in mind, let us look at the steps in which we can keep our roofs clean and safe from all kinds of dirt and debris.

Steps for Roof cleaning:

  • For starters, get yourself on the roof, but with adequate safety precautions at hand. Keep in mind, that any wrong step might lead to serious injuries.
  • Start by brushing off all the loose dirt and debris which have accumulated on the roof. If there are tree branches which hand on your roof, cut them off, because they lead to excess debris.

Also, these branches lead to the formation of rot and mould which ends up in your gutters and gets them jammed. Using a soft-bristled broom try and brush off as much of the dirt you can. In case you have shingles, avoid using a hard broom, because it can end up damaging the granules.

  • If you find algae stains on your roof (which are formed by black algae), you will surely want to clean it off. They don’t cause any harm to your roof as such, but then they give your roof an unwelcoming and unaesthetic appeal, in general.
  • To get rid of these stains, make use of a mixture that contains bleaching and a safe cleaning liquid and spread across your whole roof. Finally, wash it off and you’ll find your roof rid of all stains. Avoid applying any form of bleach or any harsh chemicals which might cause the roof to get damaged due to corrosion.
  • If you find moss growing on your roof, then that is something you might want to get rid of as soon as possible, before it leads to any kind of permanent damage. Avoid scraping or pulling off moss from your roof as it may lead the shingles to get destroyed. Also, avoid using any form of acid or hard chemicals on your roof because it will only cause more damage. To get rid of the moss, first, remove the shade, then remove all the moisture that is there in its surroundings. In case you’re unable to do that, use any mild acidic or basic compound and kill off the moss. No matter what mixture you use, always remember to dilute it, else it will damage the roof. If you are in doubt how to do moss removal look here.
  • Once you’ve rid your roof of all the debris and dirt, complete off the whole process with a gutter cleaning, because chances are, when you were cleaning your roof, the dirt might have entered the gutters.

These few steps can ensure clean roofs, all year long.

Consequences of not cleaning your roof

We might think that cleaning our house roof isn’t necessary because well, we don’t feel like there will be any consequences. However, that is the most absurd thing we might think. You might just have no idea of how much damage can come with not cleaning the roofs of your houses. You are putting your life at risk by deciding to not look after your roof once in a while.

  • The most primary thing that happens when you don’t clean your roofs is that there is a growth of bacteria called moss. This mainly happens due to the surplus amount of moisture on the roof. Even if you use the most sturdy material to build your roof, it can maximum live for about twenty years. But, even though it can stay strong for so long, it might not last for long due to the components such as climate change and pollution that affect it. Hence, it is extremely necessary to look out for your roofs to make sure that they last for a long period of time.
  • You might think that cleaning your roofs might make you waste time and money unnecessarily. But if you really think about it, you’ll save up money in the long run as you won’t have to build a new roof soon if you just learn to maintain and clean your roof regularly.

Bacteria that grow on the roof-

  • As we previously studied, moss grows on the roof due to extra water that is left on the roof due to several reasons. Usually, this happens in areas that have heavy rainfall. Moreover, almost every house’s roof faces such bacteria in the winter season. Your neighborhood trees can also be the cause of these bacteria as they occur in shaded regions. Hence, when the tree’s shadow falls on your roof, there is a growth of moss.
  • Most of the time, people want to clean their roofs themselves. It is best though to call professionals every once a while because climbing the roof can be a dangerous attempt to risking your life. One can have serious injuries by falling from a height.

Other bacteria’s that grow on the roof-

  • As you may have heard, many roofs have lichens on them. Although these lichens might be small in size, they can be of great harm to you. When they grow, they can very conveniently enter inside the houses through the roofs. Along with this, even algae grow on roofs. Algae are green in color and are also caused because of the extra moisture that remains on the rooftop.
  • Hence, to prevent the growth of such bacteria, calling your trustworthy cleaning agency is a great way of getting your roof cleaned.

It is extremely necessary to clean your roofs as this will not only help in making your roof last longer but will also prevent the growth of harmful bacteria’s that can endanger your lives. It is hence best to either clean your house roof yourself or to call professional cleaners to get the best cleaning service.